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March Event: Green Day!

Northern California Association of Deaf Blind

March Event

Green Day!

Board Members Presentation


Social and Garden Tour


Saturday, March 14th


11 am to 3 pm


San Francisco Recreation and Park

Project Insight Greenhouse

In Golden Gate Park

100 Martin Luthur King Jr Dr.

San Francisco, CA


Members – free

Non-Members – $5 per person


DOWNLOAD Green Day Flyer (docx)

Hi, members,


Here’s the directions to Elva’s Greenhouse. 

Also, we will have two different kinds of raffles. 

Please bring your $ for prizes and outdoor activities.

See you there on Saturday, March 14th.


Dana Dehaesus

NCADB President

Directions to Elva’s Greenhouse by Public Transportation


BART to City Bus

Take BART to Montgomery, Powell or Civic Center in San Francisco. Take the 71 Muni Bus from Market Street.

Get off at 5th Avenue and Lincoln.

Turn left walk into Golden Gate Park, cross Martin Luther King Way and turn right.

Walk east until you reach the San Francisco City Nursery on the left, about one block. Follow the Blue and Yellow balloons.

 Turn left enter the nursery.


BART to Muni Metro Station

Take BART to Montgomery, Powell or Civic Center in San Francisco.

Transfer to Muni Metro station.

Take the N Judah (Outbound).

Get off at 5th Avenue and Judah.

Walk north on 5th Avenue about two blocks until you reach the park.

Turn left walk into Golden Gate Park, cross Martin Luther King Way and turn right.

Walk east until you reach the San Francisco City Nursery on the left, about one block. Follow the Blue and Yellow balloons.

 Turn left enter the nursery.


Directions to Elva’s Greenhouse by Car


From Golden Gate Bridge

Take CA-1 South to Cabrillo St. in SF – 4 min (2.5 mi)

Head Coutheast on US-101 South (0.4 mi)

Take the exit toward 19th Ave. (0.1)

Continue onto CA-1 S/Veterans Blvd.  (1.9mi)

Turn right onto Cabrillo St.

Turn left at the 1st cross St. onto 14thAve.

Turn left onto Fulton St.

Turn right onto 8th Ave.

Turn left onto John F. Kennedy Dr.

Turn right onto Kezar Dr.

Slight rught onto Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.

100 Martin Luther King Jr Dr.

Follow the Blue and Yellow balloons.


From Oakland Bay Bridge

Take I-80 West to Octavia Blvd in SF

Head West on I-80 West. (6.2 mi)

Take the exit onto US-101 North toward Golden Gate Bridge. (0.7mi)

Continue onto Central Fwy. (0.4 mi)

Continue onto Octavia Blvd. (0.3 mi)

Turn left onto Fell St. (1.7 mi)

Continue onto John F. Kennedy Dr.

Turn left onto Kezar Dr.

Slight right onto Martin Luther King Jr Dr.

100 Martin Luther King Jr Dr.

Follow the Blue and Yellow balloons.


San Mateo Bridge

Follow CA-92 West and US-101 North to Octavia Blvd in SF.  

30 min (28.7 mi)

Head West on CA-92 West. (18.6 mi)

Take the exit onto US-101 North. (0.8 mi)

Continue onto Central Fwy. (0.4 mi)

Continue onto Octavia Blvd. (0.3 mi)

Turn left onto Fell St. (1.7 mi)

Continue onto John F. Kennedy Dr.

Turn left onto Kezar Dr.

Slight right onto Martin Luther King Jr Dr.

100 Martin Luther King Jr Dr.

Follow the Blue and Yellow balloons.

DOWNLOAD Green Day Flyer (docx)

March 2011

Ten Years Ago…

In March 2001 at the monthly social the PKZ Gallaudet Sorority provided a lunch of sloppy Joes, salad and cookies. Before lunch, there was a nomination meeting led by Martin Greenberg. Martin who had served as NCADB’s treasurer for four years was thanked for his service. After lunch Rick Joy shared the sad news that former NCADB member Patsy Walters had passed away in January 2001. Patsy was a regular at the monthly social and at deaf-blind camp in Napa. Frank Lester urged people to help sell tickets for a raffle drawing in May. Visiting that day was Bernice Adams a cousin of Charlotte Whitacre from Ohio, Cathy Kirscher of HKNC and SSP Nancy Saito.


Twenty Years Ago…

In March 1991 it was NCADB board election day at the monthly social. Re-elected as president, vice-president and treasurer respectively were Charlotte Whitacre, Darrel Griffin and Ellen Schreiber. Board members elected that day were Ron Barnes, Dee Follette, Jim Kramer, Tom O’Sullivan and Nancy Seiden. Coming on board as NCADB’s new secretary was Debby Lieberman. She would serve in that position for the next ten years. In these pages Charlotte Whitacre announced there would be a social in Sacramento in May and urged people to carpool.

April 2011

Ten Years Ago…

In April 2001 it was a busy day at the monthly NCADB social. Before lunch the biannual NCADB board election began with Jill Sprinkle being elected president, Charlotte Whitacre vice-president and Ted Baldwin, treasurer. It was announced that Matt Seiden would serve as secretary. Lunch was then served by Tom and Jill Sprinkle; sandwiches, cookies, potato salad and drinks.

After lunch was the second part of the election: Nick Bonner, Sharon Keith, Brenda Roberts, Nancy Seiden and Tom Sprinkle won seats on the board of directors. After the election, Nick Bonner announced his engagement to Mary Matthews of Atlanta, GA. They would marry in June.

Jill Sprinke surprised outgoing secretary Debby Lieberman with a gift: A picture frame with photos of Debby and NCADB people over the years. Debby said she would continue visiting the Bay area and helping NCADB. The day closed with Tony Papalia of DCARA discussing the ongoing energy crisis and how to cope with it.

Robert Miller who along with Margaret Noah and Betty Jo Lependorf began what eventually became known as NCADB in 1963 passed away on April 21st at the age of 85. He worked for the San Francisco Lighthouse for 41 years from 1935 to 1976. He supervised deaf-blind employees for many years.


Twenty Years Ago…

In April 1991 in these pages Charlotte Whitacre announced an upcoming deaf-blind empowerment workshop to be held in San Leandro. Also announced was a directory project to help people keep in touch with one another.

May 2011

Ten Years Ago…

In May 2001 many people gathered for NCADB’s 38th birthday at the DCC. For lunch they enjoyed beef teriyaki, Japanese salad, two kinds of sushi (crab and cucumber), wheat rolls, carrot cake and a wide variety of drinks provided by Ted Baldwin and family. Ken Keith took a group picture and offered copies for sale for anyone who wanted to remember the day. Before lunch there was a guessing game with two bags of candy which were given away to the winners. After lunch new NCADB president Jill Sprinkle asked people if they would like to take June off from the social and many agreed to do so.

Next came the annual AADB Conference fund raising raffle. Among the winners were Jill Sprinkle who won a Fry’s Electronics gift certificate (worth $100) and Ralph Padgug who won $50. Jill donated her prize to NCADB and Ralph gave half his gift back. The raffle tickets sellers were then rewarded: Scott Oberg (120) Emily Vera (111) Sook Hee Choi (80) and Martin Greenberg (60). Janet Drane brought her young puppy to the social, a Dachshund named Mel.

In these pages Ken and Sharon Keith wrote a story about a new policy change involving renewing Transit Discount Cards to prevent cheating. People were now required to fill out a form and get a doctor’s signature before they could be eligible for a new card. Jill submitted her first column as NCADB president.


Twenty Years Ago…

In May 1991 many people gathered at the Sacramento Society for the Blind for the first of six annual socials in Sacramento. Steve Burrows, a young interpreting student, and owner of a Subway sandwich shop provided lunch. He would do so for the next five years.

In these pages Charlotte Whitacre announced that the Telebraille 2 was available from Pacific Bell for braille users.

Friday night May 31st kicked off the first of a two part Deaf-Blind empowerment workshop held at the San Leandro Library. The focus that evening was on signal devices to help make lives easier such as Silent Call and Alert Master. One was called Vibrane a very strong vibrating signal device. Among those in attendance was Janice Adams a deaf-blind lady then of Washington, DC who would give a presentation the next day.

June 2011

Ten Years Ago…

On June 23rd 2001 Nick Bonner married Mary Matthews of Atlanta, Georgia. Nick’s bride would write about the experience in the July 2001 issue of the NCADB News.


Twenty Years Ago…

In June 1991 the second part of the Deaf-Blind Empowerment workshop continued on June 1st at the San Leandro Library. The day started with Janice Adams talking about independent living. Next there was a talk about devices such as CCTV magnifiers.

Later, there was an Orientation and Mobility demo with deaf-blind people leading blindfolded SSPs on a walk around the library.

People then broke for lunch. Ann MacIntyre and her crew served up Mexican food, chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice and other goodies.

After lunch people got a chance to look at a small exhibit of equipment. A little later there were discussions about among other things accessing the media, such as television, services for deaf-blind consumers, and deaf-blindness and mental health. Finally, Charlotte Whitacre talked about emergency preparation. She thanked Scott Oberg for calling her and letting her know what happened when the Loma Prieta earthquake struck in October 1989.

More than sixty people attended the workshop over the weekend.

On June 15th a large group journeyed to Angel Island in San Francisco Bay to spend the day. Former NCADB SSP Cliff Marcus surprised everybody by joining in on the trip.