Ten Years Ago…

On June 23rd 2001 Nick Bonner married Mary Matthews of Atlanta, Georgia. Nick’s bride would write about the experience in the July 2001 issue of the NCADB News.


Twenty Years Ago…

In June 1991 the second part of the Deaf-Blind Empowerment workshop continued on June 1st at the San Leandro Library. The day started with Janice Adams talking about independent living. Next there was a talk about devices such as CCTV magnifiers.

Later, there was an Orientation and Mobility demo with deaf-blind people leading blindfolded SSPs on a walk around the library.

People then broke for lunch. Ann MacIntyre and her crew served up Mexican food, chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice and other goodies.

After lunch people got a chance to look at a small exhibit of equipment. A little later there were discussions about among other things accessing the media, such as television, services for deaf-blind consumers, and deaf-blindness and mental health. Finally, Charlotte Whitacre talked about emergency preparation. She thanked Scott Oberg for calling her and letting her know what happened when the Loma Prieta earthquake struck in October 1989.

More than sixty people attended the workshop over the weekend.

On June 15th a large group journeyed to Angel Island in San Francisco Bay to spend the day. Former NCADB SSP Cliff Marcus surprised everybody by joining in on the trip.