In May of 1963 a San Francisco Lighthouse employee Bob Miller was in charge of the deaf-blind workshop program. He with Margaret Noah and volunteers started an event in the Bay Area homes of deaf-blind persons. This event was a monthly social that provided companionship and support. This group became the Northern California Deaf-Blind Club (NCDBC) and went the Enchanted Hills Camp (EHC) in Napa, California for summer weekend camping.

In 1966 Dee Follette was the first president of NCDBC. In 1973 the NCDBC moved to the Lions Blind Center in Oakland and grew larger.

In 1976 at the EHC the NCDBC hosted the second National Association of the Deaf Blind Convention (NADB later changed to AADB) with 83 people.

In 1979 Sue Trueb was a Deaf-Blind program director at the Lighthouse and helped with NCDBC affairs.

In 1980 Tom O’Sullivan helped with new bylaws and the NCDBC became Northern Califprnia Assocation of the Deaf-Blind (NCADB). In 1994 it moved to new Deaf Community Center (DCC) in San Leandro.

In May 1993 NCADB holds 30th anniversary party in Sacramento. In May 2003, NCADB celebrated 40th anniversary at a Mexican restaurant in Fremont with Dee Follette, Margaret (Noah) Nickerson and Betty-jo Lependorf.

In July 2003, NCADB hosted the American Association of the Deaf-Blind (AADB) Conference at San Diego State University in San Diego, CA. It was successful with more than 900 people in attendance. Hailed by many as the best AADB Conference ever.