Ten Years Ago…

In August 2001 a group gathered at Kennedy Park in Fremont for a day of fun. Tom and Jill Sprinkle provided chips, cookies and drinks for the occasion. Two visitors that day were Harris Hand from New York and Paul Simonovich from near Yosemite. NCADB president Jill Sprinkle gave tips on how to save money for the 2003 AADB Conference.

In these pages new DCARA Outreach Specialist Kurstin Chun introduced herself. She would work with the deaf-blind community in the Bay Area for the next year. Debby Lieberman suggested that people consider becoming a deaf-blind representative for the Deaf and Disabled Telephone Program (DDTP). That position would eventually go to Char Whitacre. Char remembered the late Bob Miller who founded the Northern California Deaf-Blind Club along with Margaret Noah and Betty Jo Lependorf in 1963.

A large group gathered in Seabeck for the annual deaf-blind retreat. One new activity that year was “Water Olympic” games. SSP Marlene Foster and her husband Jack brought their yacht to camp and gave people rides on Hood Canal. Hot chocolate was provided. It was sunny most of the week. People had hoped for rain but that didn’t happen until the last day of camp. There were several presidents in camp. Besides Jill Sprinkle there was AADB president Harry Anderson and Judy Groner president of the Ohio Association of the Deaf-Blind (OADB). While playing a game of hackey sack with fellow SSPs Cliff Marcus and Patrick Galasso newbie Sook Hee Choi was playfully picked up and her bare feet dipped in the lagoon. She responded by giggling. On dance night one lady from Texas won a costume contest with her Dolly Parton wig. One person was seen dancing with a plastic inflatable fish.

One funny incident happened on the last morning when an online friend of Scott Oberg came by car to meet him at camp. She had never met him in person. Seeing camper Joel Abel she asked his name. He responded by taking his luggage to the back of her car. She thought at first that Joel was Scott. Cliff Marcus came along and the confusion was quickly cleared up. The real Scott Oberg then appeared and hugs and greetings were exchanged. They went into Seattle to enjoy a meal at the Ragin Cajun and visit Pikes Place Market before going to the airport.

Twenty Years Ago…

In August 1991 fifty people gathered in Fremont Central Park for a picnic in spite of cold weather. One new face who would become a regular at NCADB socials offering rides in his van was a deaf-blind man named Nick Bonner.

The last week of August, many people gathered for a rain soaked week at Seabeck. The theme was “Hands are Naturally Dynamic”. To help pass the time haircuts and head shaves were offered by Cliff “Mad Barber” Marcus. There were trips to among other places, the Seattle Lighthouse, a mint farm and the Seattle Kingdome for a Mariners baseball game. There was also lots of mischief. One SSP had her plastic pink flamingoes temporarily stolen and hidden for a few days. ASL storyteller Billy Seago came by to tell about a play he was going to direct and appear in later in the year. In spite of rain bike riding was a popular activity. On dance night on the last evening of camp people enjoyed themselves in colorful costumes. New SSP Marilyn Mayo came wearing a scuba diving suit. People also had fun with water pistols and whipped cream. To save money on airfare one group came up overland by van from northern California. It was an enjoyable week.

The Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind recently sent out an annual report. It includes a photo of Scott Oberg riding a tandem bike at Seabeck last year.