January 31, 2022

Dear NCADB members and Subscribers,

Because of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors of NCADB voted last September to continue the membership dues from 2021 for 2022 with discounts for all types of membership.  Please check the 2022 NCADB membership and subscription form for more information.

NCADB is attempting to hold a social event sometime this year to allow you, members, to vote in person in the president and vice president election which was delayed from last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The board encourages you to consider renewing your dues for 2022 so that you might be able to vote to choose a president and vice president whose terms will last until 2025.

If you have any questions about the dues, please email Mark Mellenger, NCADB Treasurer at  ncadbtreasurer@gmail.com.   The information on the NCADB President and Vice President election will be forthcoming as soon as the board is able to determine the dates for the election process.

Members and subscribers are also encouraged to consider donating to the NCADB general fund to keep NCADB afloat during this difficult time.  Thank you for your support!

To download membership form:

2023 Membership (RP, LP)
2023 Membership (PT, plain text)